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mexicanjrockfan's Journal

Mexicans love Jrock too!!! ^_^
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made by fleurmorte

This is a community for Mexican, Latino, or Hispanic JRock and JPop fans! However it is not limited to these nationalities, anyone may join as long as they have a strong love and pride for JRock and JPop!

If you are a new member to the community, please post an introduction. State your nationality (optional), your favorite bands/singers, and how you first learned of/became a fan of JRock/JPop.

You can post pictures of your favorite artists, questions, music/video files, cosplay photos, fanart, birthday celebrations, concert reviews, funny stories, etc. Fun stuff!! ^_^ I DO ask however that you not post fanfics because I feel that they are disrespectful/degrading to the artists involved. Sorry >_<

Please be respectful to the posts of other members. Courtesy first! ^_^
And remember...HAVE FUN!!!! ^0^

made by fleurmorte

made by fleurmorte